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Wings Collection
Drawing on its iconic winged logo, Hogan gives life to a special Capsule Collection. 8 "Wings Sneakers", embellished with embroidery featuring feathers and micro crystals, each expressing a different personality.
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Athleisure look
Hogan’s new Active One
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Double Platform
Hogan presents the H449 Sneaker. This all-new ultra-modern women's platform doubles up the volume on the iconic tennis-inspired H365 model.
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The Sneakers Collection
Innovative and high-performance, the new Spring-Summer models are the perfect match for a sporty style. Discover what's new, and find your perfect Sneaker.
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Spring-Summer 2019

The Hogan SS19 Collection aesthetic glows with intense colours and is truly unique, with a fresh modernist style in which no detail has been left to chance.

Junior Collection

Colourful models with a fun look for the carefree and playful days of young children.
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