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The CVV is a 3- or 4-digit number on the credit or debit card

  • It is located on the back of the credit card. In some cards it may also be on the front
  • It serves to ensure the highest level of security in transactions
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The H-Tree: innovation and sustainability

We are cultivating an ambition, to act today while thinking about tomorrow. We believe in responsible innovation, and we support projects aimed at preserving and enhancing the environment. With love for our planet.

The H-Tree is an initiative in collaboration with B Corp-certified Treedom which allows for the remote planting of trees and provides frequent updates to follow the project and its accomplishments online. An initiative that benefits not only the environment, but also the people who inhabit it. In fact, the trees are planted in agroforestry systems to maximise their ability to absorb carbon, enrich the soil with nutrients, retain water and protect biodiversity. A project that strives to inspire and get people involved, with two thousand new trees planted by Hogan alone: from Cameroon to Colombia, from Kenya to Guatemala to help absorb, during their first ten years of life, up to 300t*of CO2 (equal to over 17,500 train journeys from Rome to Milan**).

** GHG conversion factors DEFRA 2023
Join this innovative project by purchasing a Shoe Care Kit and actively do your part for the Hogan forest by becoming caretakers of your very own tree. A project inspired by sustainable development principles that simultaneously promotes product care and environmental protection. Each Shoe Care Kit – made predominantly from naturally-sourced and recyclable materials – will help take care of your footwear by extending its service life. Because we care.

Shoe Care Kit

Shoe Care Kit

The new Shoe Care Kit is the ideal tool for preserving the distinctive features of your Hogan sneakers over time.
A selection of the best care and cleaning products are contained in a handy fabric pouch.

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How to use

How to use

1. Prepare the footwear
Use a damp cloth to carefully remove all traces of dirt, dust and impurities from the sneakers.

2. Cleaning
Shake the shampoo well before spraying the product and gently brushing the surface.

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3. Details
Use the para rubber to revive the nubuck leather and suede parts.

4. To finish
Delicately remove all residues with the cotton cloth and spray the protector on the suede, leather and fabric parts.

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