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  • It is located on the back of the credit card. In some cards it may also be on the front
  • It serves to ensure the highest level of security in transactions
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Focus Hogan H580

The iconic Hogan H580 sneakers and hi-tops for men are reinterpreted in design and volumes, to make them even more dynamic and appealing. The new outsole comes with two blocks and engraved and interrupted lines. The upper, available in various combinations of leather, suede and nubuck, is designed with soft and essential lines, with the characteristic side slanted H or the monogram Hogan imprinted on the back.

Focus Hogan Hyperlight

The Hogan Hyperlight are characterized by an original combination of materials and details that makes them perfect for a man with a gritty and sporty look, who does not want to give up comfort. The color mix with contrast profiles, combined with the variety of materials used for the inserts, represents the distinctive character of these sneakers with strong outdoor suggestions.