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Human Dynamos

The keyword when it comes the Rebels is dynamism. Their creativity extends beyond all social conditioning, without any limits other than that of their own imagination. Hogan brought them together in Milan, the city of fashion and design, to give voice to their vision for the world.

The social creative

The social creative

In Lin Lin, the culture of China, her homeland, freely merges and mixes with the innovative spirit of Milan to create a versatile identity that is expressed through social media.

The story of Lin Lin

The up-and-coming illustrator

The up-and-coming illustrator

Weel transfers his creativity and values into his illustrations, creating characters that break down all stereotypes.
The story of Weel

Hogan Rebel Society

Creative, dynamic, unique: being a Hogan Rebel means believing in yourself, without being afraid to challenge the status quo. Everyone can be a Rebel, to enter into the secret world of the Hogan Rebel Society the key is to own a pair of men or women's Hogan Rebel sneakers. Are you ready to join us?

The secret city of the Rebels

Rebels don’t follow trends, they create them: discover along with them the most interesting places in the city, far from the mainstream, to expand your horizons. 

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Discover the sound of Human Dynamos

The music of Rebels claims their creative freedom and transcends genres and eras: discover their playlists and get into the sound that gives rhythm to their days.

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Wear your Hogan Rebel sneakers

We're all a little bit Rebel: what we wear reveals our deepest selves.

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Style is personality

Choose your Hogan Rebel sneakers and join the community

Women's Collection

The Hogan Rebel is a way of being

Men's Collection

Style icons that get noticed