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Every day is a new challenge

Isabella is a creative chef who has turned her dreams into success with determination and passion, yet who decides to step up her game every day to try and soar even higher. 

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Experiment, first and foremost

Creativity in the kitchen is the perfect result of flair and technique: each dish is an experimentation that bestows endless emotions and conveys a link with Isabella's most authentic identity.

Creative projects have no end

Creative projects have no end

She started as a pastry chef, then experimented around Europe, until she boldly and determinedly opened her own haute cuisine restaurant in Lecce, her hometown: for Isabella, there are no limits that cannot be overcome.

My Hogan Rebel

“I’m not afraid to show who I am”

“I’m not afraid to reveal who I truly am”

Beyond all judgment, beyond all opinions, uniqueness means not being afraid to show every facet of yourself.

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