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Inside Hogan

A new footwear concept was created back in 1986 with the founding of Hogan: the luxury sneaker, able to break through the barriers between formal and informal. A pioneering view of the concept of casual luxury that has always represented the brand with its exclusive lifestyle that adapts to every occasion. Contemporary and dynamic, Hogan is an Italian brand with a great deal of international appeal. The company loves to bring together tradition and innovation in aesthetics with the quality of the best materials, in order to create objects destined to maintain their value over time, interpreting the lifestyle of those who wear them.

Enter the world of Hogan to discover projects and the latest from the Brand.


No stereotypes or preconceptions. The Urban influence is fluid, hybrid and dynamic. Jet black with a glossy and opaque finish, selected studs and soles in shades of teal. A challenge to white.

Hogan H-Bag

Color and character illuminate the bags in the new Hogan H-Bag collection. Versatile and feminine pieces enhance every look, creating trend-defying outfits.

From Traditional to Untraditional

Hogan presents its environmentally-conscious take on the brand's first ever sneaker model - the Hogan Traditional - by means of “(Not) a Traditional love letter”. 

Live your reality

Be transported into a world that extends beyond reality as we know it: your passion-shaped real yet equally virtual world.

Decentraland: The Project

Hogan partners up with Exclusible and Boson Protocol for the first Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland.

Urban Rebel

Free to mix styles, cultures and trends: Rebel's creativity knows no limits or social constraints.

Women’s Collection

Ultra-stylish design with three-dimensional details and metallic shades. The new collection is proudly feminine and cool all day long.

Men’s Collection

Pop colours, dynamic shapes and active spirit. The new Hogan shoes for men combine bold style and versatility every step of the way.

Join the Rebels

The exclusive Hogan Rebel community around the world is waiting for you.


Recycle, Reuse and Reduce... but also Rethink, Reshape and Respect. The new Hogan-3R collection is made with love for both the earth and the people who inhabit it.

Sneaking Through Sneakers

Did you know that the real meaning behind Hogan lies in its letters? Discover the Brand's take on its heritage in Sneaking Through Sneakers.

What does a Hogan Journey mean?

Travel is not just a destination. Hogan is not just a sneaker. Enter to discover this season’s new adventure. Live your #hoganjourney