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Hogan Atelier

Handcrafted using the finest materials and exclusive detailing, the Atelier Collections celebrate the icons of the Hogan world, with a truly precious twist.

Hogan Maxi I Active - My Crystal Treasure

The handicraft work dedicated to this Luxury model is meticulous. Over 4,000 hand-appliqued crystals, in a winding 3D effect, emphasise the sleek lines of this refined Maxi I Active. A true jewel to wear anytime you feel like.

Hogan Midi H222 – Sparkling Gem

A delicate rain of rhinestones defines the side H of this new Midi H222. They are made of leather and feature an iconic outsole that embodies the casual glam spirit of Hogan. No detail is too small and this model is the perfect example.

Hogan Interaction Privé

Exclusive style, unique allure. It takes approximately 55 hours to create one pair of this haute couture sneakers. A result of patient and accurate craftsmanship, the Interaction Atelier version emphasises its bold appeal in a precious and glamorous new look.

Hogan Maxi I Active - My Crystal Treasure

A precious weave of light which requires up to 2 hours of high quality craftsmanship. Over 4000 hand-appliqued crystals, with a winding 3D-effect, creates the Maxi I Active, rendering this exclusive, leather sneaker a true jewel, with Hogan Atelier branding.

Hogan Maxi I Active - My Crystal Treasure

Maxi I Active wears haute-couture detailing. Delicate craftsmanship adorns this Hogan Atelier creation, with waves of hand-appliqued crystals, emphasizing the sleek form and attentive combination of Luxury sneakers by excellence.

Maxi H222 Marquise

Designed to make every step truly special and unique, this hand-made shoe blends the contemporary design of Maxi H222 with gemstones inspired by royal tiaras, for a superbly refined effect. Precious and sophisticated, each shoe requires 5 hours of meticulous workmanship for completion.  

Maxi H222 Emerald

Inspired by the rarest Far Eastern emeralds, this new take on the ultimate Platform Sneaker comes in black and white versions. Exuding timeless appeal, it stands out with style thanks to  the gleaming 3D design created with diamond-cut appliqués. 

Maxi H222 Princess

Unique, like the spirit of a princess, this sought-after creation has been created to shine through the dark. Crafted in elegant leather, they are adorned by floral, rhinestone and pearl detailing, producing an elegant H logo. Feel like a Lady every day.

Maxi H222 Radiant

An original example of haute-couture craftsmanship, featuring sparkle and shine. Crafted in elegant leather, they are adorned by a side, H logo patch crafted in micro-sequins, pearls and encrusted gems. 

Interactive Geneva

The stunning Swiss lakeside city of Geneva inspired the design of the latest Interactive Atelier. This unique, beautifully-crafted model is made from silk satin and decorated with elegant hand-stitched embroidery, and toning sequins.

Interactive Singapore

Romantic and contemporary, the charming spectacle of lights and reflections seen at Gardens by the Bay inspires Interactive Singapore. Made from black satin, it is embellished on the side by a floral embroidered motif that sparkles with dazzling sequins. The tone-on-tone H monogram is encrusted with transparent beads, giving the shoe a truly contemporary and sophisticated appeal.

Interactive Bangkok

The dazzlingly radiant Interactive Bangkok design pays homage to the Thai capital, an incredible metropolis where ancient traditions and contemporary style blend. The champagne-colour upper is adorned on the side by floral embroidery that sparkles with dazzling golden sequins. The tone-on-tone H monogram is encrusted with transparent beads, giving this shoe a truly contemporary and sophisticated appeal.

Interactive Venice

A creation that draws inspiration from Baroque origins, recalling the art and traditions of the most magical city of all time. Made from the finest jacquard fabric, Interactive Venice shimmers with gold and silver lurex thread. The artistic design is created by the application of special beads and double stitching that form swirling, feminine motifs. The H monogram has been encrusted with faceted beads, creating a refined play of contrasts. 

Interactive Saint Barth

An explosion of colour emerges from transparent, crystalline waters that bring the enchanting coral reef to life. Interactive Saint Barth is inspired by the magical atmospheres of the most exclusive of the Caribbean islands. White bouclé fabric base illuminated by silver, white and turquoise lurex threads is embellished by delicate transparent stones and glass micro-pearls in bright colours.

Interactive Paris

Paris, symbol of sophisticated elegance and romanticism, venerated by artists and writers of all times. Interactive Paris draws inspiration from the delicate, pure charm of this city. This precious creation in sophisticated white leather is enriched with floral, sequinned embroidery and illuminated by Swarovski crystals.

Interactive New York

Cradle of continuously evolving fashions and trends, New York is the most versatile city in the western world, able to attract modern business people and showbiz personalities. Interactive New York, unique, haute couture footwear in black suede studded with embroidery in Swarovski crystals, pays homage to it. 

Interactive Emerald Breeze

A precious jewel glittering in the fresh spring breeze. Stones and micro-beads in coloured glass are embroidered onto an elegant silk satin. Interactive Emerald Breeze wears the shades of emerald and submarine nature, enchanting and mysterious.