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The reference size guide for women is the Italian one, for men the English one

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The CVV is a 3- or 4-digit number on the credit or debit card

  • It is located on the back of the credit card. In some cards it may also be on the front
  • It serves to ensure the highest level of security in transactions
  • Without the CVV or if the CVV is wrong, the transaction is not authorised

The H-Lab

During Milan Design Week, Hogan will introduce The H Lab: a project that celebrates talent, creativity and technology. For the occasion, the laboratory will prompt you to experience the link between design and artificial intelligence, i.e. reality and the virtual world, for yourself with a live custom experience headed by Jacopo De Carli – the artist and founder of DCJLab – and his Metahuman assistant.
Jacopo refers to himself as a shoemaker, but also as a shoemaker 2.0: “I’ve developed technique and manual skills, and carved out a niche for myself in a very demanding community known as sneakerheads. In this circle, I’m known for switching things up: I like to mix, customise and deconstruct. How would I describe Hogan in one word? Icon!” The H Lab connects Hogan with creative realities and new forms of communication... a journey that leads the way to innovative design and customisation processes.