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Shoe Care Kit

Shoe Care Kit

Highly effective shoe care products with a minimalist, luxurious design. Hogan’s Shoe Care Kit is an essential tool, and offers a flawless look. A selection of the best components for shoe care and cleaning products protect your Hogans, adding a touch of lustre.


The 5-piece kit includes a protective spray, a cleaning solution, a brush, a rubber and a microfibre cloth.

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Shoe Care Kit

Hogan’s DNA in a kit

Hogan’s DNA in a kit

Everything you need to take care of your shoes, in an elegant Hogan branded package. Delicate, cutting-edge formulas and environmentally sustainable technologies ensure utmost protection against water and smog, keeping your shoes looking new and thoroughly clean for longer.

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Shoe Care Kit

Instructions for use

Water based, 98% biodegradable and dermatologically tested: the Protector forms an invisible, durable and breathable protective layer which protects shoes against liquids, mud, dirt and oil stains, without altering their original appearance. If moisture or smog stain penetrates through the protective layer, rinse the surface with care and without rubbing. Once dry, dab with a clean, absorbent cloth. For stubborn dirt, clean the surface using the Cleaner. After cleaning, we recommend reapplying the Protector.

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Shake well before use. Spray on a dry, clean surface and brush gently until completely absorbed. Wait ten minutes and repeat the process. After another ten minutes, eliminate any residue and leave to dry for at least 24 hours.
100ml package suitable to be carried in an aircraft cabin.


Shake well before use. Moisten a brush with warm water together with the Cleaner and form a rich foam. Rub gently on the surface to be treated. Wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours.
70ml package suitable to be carried in an aircraft cabin.


The handy and easy to use brush gently rubs the Protector into the fibres in depth. Moistened with warm water and Cleaner, it's the must-have shoe care tool to form the rich, cleaning foam.


A practical, easy way to remove stains and dirt. Rub delicately, with circular movements, on small stains and marks until they disappear.

Microfibre cloth

Delicate and effective, this cloth compliments the kit. Safe to use on any material, it absorbs water and detergent, and is highly effective for the entire cleaning process. The microfibres attract and hold the dirt into the cloth.
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