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Here’s to new beginnings

Kicki and her parents left Shanghai when she was 5 - and took the famed Chinese hospitality, their love for food and family with them. Now living in Berlin, Kicki’s art playfully deals with her story and heritage.

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Rediscover yourself!

Rebels are never stuck in their ways. Kicki’s style is an expression of her mood. And that can change ten times a day, right?

One step further

One step further

Kicki’s mother is a skilled artist, but could never fully use her talent. Will Kicki let anything hold her back? Don’t think so.

My Hogan Rebel

"Everything’s a canvas"

Kicki is known for painting her face in great detail. Now she’s turning towards new challenges.

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Meet more members of our Hogan Rebel Society and get inspired.


Add a touch of personality

Wear your sneakers in a rebel way.

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Rebels are the new icons.

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Bold and fresh styles for urban Rebels.