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Spring-Summer 2022

Men’s Collection

Re-design, re-mix, re-imagine… RE-MIXOLOGY is the guiding concept of the Hogan Spring-Summer 2022 Lifestyle Collection: both a celebratory re-working of the brand’s iconic projects and a step into entirely new worlds, inspired by freedom of expression and the search for new routes heading in the direction of more eco-sustainable models. RE indicates the ability to rethink, while MIXOLOGY describes the art of skillfully mixing different elements: venture into the new Hogan collection, going down a road where diversity means unique appeal.

Shoe Collection

The new Spring-Summer 2022 collection brings vibrant dashes of color to footwear with bold volumes and geometric shapes. New for this season are the Hogan Untraditional, a new edition of the brand’s first sneaker, celebrated as part of the special Hogan-3R project, accompanied by the lively, dynamic lines of the H601 sneakers, while original character and detailed research are the key features of the new H600 models, ready to accompany your everyday adventures.

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