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Meet the style leaders

Style leaders go their own way. And enjoy every step. They are never controlled by conventions or fear. We met some of Berlin’s most inspiring characters and talked about their story, what motivates and drives them.

The vintage photographer

The vintage photographer

"I stay true cause I feel myself" - Melanie embodies Berlin’s honest, casual state of mind. This style leader spreads positive vibes through her blog and photography.

Meet Melanie

The singing activist

The singing activist

Sunday treats life like his music: follow the rhythm. This multi-talented style leader never skips a beat - and uses his energy to support female businesses in Benin.

Meet Sunday

Introducing the Hogan Unconventional Society

Becoming a style leader means having charisma and personality, while staying down to earth and setting your own rules. Anyone can join the secret Hogan Unconventional Society by owning one of the new Hogan Rebel sneakers for man or woman. Each Hogan Rebel sneaker comes with a unique keyring with an embedded NFC tag that will serve as the key to access the hidden world of our Society. Do you have what it takes to be one of us?

We know the city’s secrets

This is not a typical travel guide. Do you know all of the underground and unconventional places in your city? A style leader always knows the best and sometimes you need to dig deeper to access hidden treasures…

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We listen to good music

Let’s go down memory lane. Listen to our music playlists that follow the evolution of Hogan. All genres of music define a style leader, tune in and stay in a good mood. 
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Our style is for everyone

What you wear defines who you are and there are no reasons to show any less of your charisma. Whether at home or on the go, wear your Hogan sneakers in a cool way.

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Add a touch of personality

Wear your sneakers in a stylish way.

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Hogan Rebels are the new icons. 

Women's Collection

Bold and fresh styles for urban Hogan Rebels.