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Hogan Atelier

Handcrafted using the finest materials and exclusive detailing, the Atelier Collections celebrate the icons of the Hogan world, with a truly precious twist.

Hogan Rebel Atelier

This essential-lined Atelier sneaker model is awash with light, thanks to the seemingly endless yet skilfully hand-applied rhinestones which follow the shape and create light-reflecting sinuous H detail. The meticulously handcrafted model gleams with all its exclusive charm.

Hogan Rebel Atelier

A mass of rhinestones create precious hints of light - the result of a painstaking craftsmanship - on this all-black suede model. Discreetly nestled amongst the clean yet recognisable sparkling lines is the sinuous take on the iconic H detail.

Hogan Rebel Atelier

A mass of rhinestones illuminate these metal buckle-adorned slip-ons with a glam chic feel; the result of a painstaking craftsmanship, plus a thorough check to ensure top-notch quality. A precious jewel with an extraordinary shine.

Hogan Rebel Atelier

An all-sophisticated black allure shines subtly yet refinedly on these tonal rhinestone-studded soft suede slip-ons. The entirely hand-decorated model - complete with a metal buckle and extra-lightweight sole - embodies the exclusivity that sets the Hogan Atelier apart.

Maxi H222 Emerald

Inspired by the rarest Far Eastern emeralds, this new take on the ultimate Platform Sneaker comes in black and white versions. Exuding timeless appeal, it stands out with style thanks to  the gleaming 3D design created with diamond-cut appliqués. 

Maxi H222 Princess

Unique, like the spirit of a princess, this sought-after creation has been created to shine through the dark. Crafted in elegant leather, they are adorned by floral, rhinestone and pearl detailing, producing an elegant H logo. Feel like a Lady every day.