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Human Dynamo

The buzzword of Rebels: dynamism! Their creativity goes beyond any social conditioning, with the only limits being their own imagination. Hogan has brought all the Rebels together in Milan - the city of fashion and design - to give a dimension to their perspective of the world.

The social content creator

The social content creator

For Lin Lin, the culture of her homeland - China - melds and freely mixes with Milan’s innovative spirit, thus creating a transversal identity that is expressed through social media.

Lin Lin's story

The up-and-coming illustrator

The up-and-coming illustrator

Weel’s creativity and values come across in his illustrations, and result in the creation of all stereotype-defying characters.

Weel Lee's story

Hogan Rebel Society

Creative, dynamic and unique: being a Hogan Rebel means believing in yourself and not being afraid to go against the grain. Anyone can be a Rebel: the key to unlocking the door to the secret world of the Hogan Rebel Society is owning a pair of men's or women’s Hogan Rebel sneakers. Not so sneaky after all, eh!

The secret Rebel city

Rebels don't follow trends, they start them: become a member and discover the city’s most interesting, horizon-opening secrets, tucked away from the masses. 

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Discover the Human Dynamo sound

Rebel music transcends both genres and eras and is a means of reclaiming creative freedom: discover the Rebel music playlists and immerse yourself in their day-defining sound.
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Wear your own Hogan Rebels

We all have a rebellious side: now’s the time to own it by revealing who you truly are.

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Style = character

Choose your Hogan Rebels and join the community

Women's Collection

Hogan Rebel is a way of being

Men's Collection

Foot-stalling style icons