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Casual Business AW 2013/14

The first style manual concerned the contemporary businessman. He doesn't work behind a desk, he's always travelling around the world. The talents interpreting Hogan style are Matthew Goode, actor, Nik Bienkowski, banker, Dominic Leong, architect and Daniel Annbjer, graphic designer.

2013 02 hogan casual business cover aw1314

Casual Business SS 2014

The second edition of Casual Business showed a man who chooses Hogan footwear and accessories because they are the ideal solution for the frenetic, cosmopolitan life of the modern businessman. The stars were Jamie Dornan, actor, Rogers Benham, consultant in the hotel sector, Patrick Woodhead, explorer and writer and James Reeve, photographer.

2013 02 hogan casual business cover aw1314

Casual Business AW 2014/15

In a continually evolving modern society, the way of doing business all over the world has changed radically and the new businessman is leading these changes - a visionary, a businessman with a creative spirit. The exceptional testimonials of the third edition are: Christopher Lees, interior architect, Luke Waller, painter and illustrator, and Michael Le, actor.

2013 02 hogan casual business cover aw1314

Casual Business SS 2015

Hogan's modern leader reflects the brand's values of self-expression and self-confidence. Three exceptional people talked about their innovative and revolutionary approach to doing business - Richard Ainsworth, fund-raising manager for NGOs, Daniel Roberts, businessman and model, and Timothy Han, perfume creator.
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2013 02 hogan casual business cover aw1314
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